What the Second Amendment really meant to the Founders


You know, in my intro and then earlier segment early in the show I was talking about The primary purpose of the Second Amendment, according to the founding fathers, and I said My piece told listeners what I thought that the primary purpose of the Second Amendment, according to people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, What is in Mark Walters Mind the primary purpose. Of the Second Amendment. According to the phone and fathers. I love this because it's so provocative and I love to be provocative, and I'm gonna answer that with a question. Here's my question to you. We just talked about what Biden wants to do. Virginia the first time the Democrats took power in Virginia, for example, in 25 years. What's the first thing they did They chucked 12 Gun control bills down there. People throw up. Eight of them passing was signed into law. Joe Biden's first deal is gun control. I'm gonna answer the purpose of our founding fathers in the second Amendment with this question to you. What is it about their communist Marxist socialist masquerading his former Democrat agenda that requires you to be disarmed? Yeah. Very good point. And it would appear that great minds think alike because well, you know, we are way have Yeah, Me and George were in the world. Good company together. Way. Agree with each other. Martha. I guess the question is You know what is going to happen now? I mean, I look at it. It's like Texas that are actively talking about succession. Oh, yeah. You know, California's got bills by others, three different deals. They want to split that stable. You know, he was a really simple, quick Virginia. You know, I spent many a graduated college in Virginia. Lots of friends there lived in three different cities in Virginia know it well. It's a gun toting gun, love and freedom, love and bright red State. You've got two counties up there that control everything included with Richmond. The rest of the state is bright red. Why don't we have any electoral college at the state level? Okay? Yeah, Which would be which would kind of solve these problems. Where you New York State's a prime example. You get rid of that cess pool in Manhattan in the boroughs and New York State is a freedom loving, bright red state. Upstate New York's bright red Yep. Okay? Absolutely, you know, and you get rid of I mean term limits. Term limits scared me a little bit on Lee, because, well, what happens with term limits is you get the next term. Someone knows that's there. They could do anything they want. They're no longer held accountable to the voters that they don't have to hope if voters are hold them accountable. You know that old So what We do have term limits. We have elections. That's true, But they turn out the way they do in states like New York and California. Because we've got to a point. We have two or three cities controlling the rest of the state that needs to be looked at. Yeah, Georgia just gave you two of the worst senators in this country's history. And this is a bright red state. That isn't gonna be blue anytime soon. You look at the legislative makeup in the state and their redistricting coming up in July after this legislative session, you want to see Democrat controlled the state level the state Don't think of the rest of my life. And yet we just handed you too. The bluest worst of the worst senators, not because any red counties flipped blue. Nothing did They were able to siphon off more votes in two counties not being the cabin Fulton County And their six swing states. Basically, that have to fix their election systems of the way they do things in Michigan and Georgia. There's two of them right there, but nobody knew George was one of these states until that, you know, action. You see, that's why that's why people George, I would have never Guest. I wish Now, I will say this that we've been watching Stacey Abrams here for the last two years. Prior to the election in November. We all knew what she was up to. And here's the thing. I watched her vote on local news that night. Now here she is a resident of Atlanta. Hmm. And here she is. Dropping off an absentee ballot in a little mailbox been in downtown Atlanta. What? Why are you standing in line like the rest of us? Okay. That's where fraud comes from. Yeah, no signature verifications. Everybody gets mailed about it and they could go drop it in. No, no, no. No. Where I come from absentee ballots are for people like you who are serving their country overseas that need an absentee ballot Kids in college that can't make it back to their district to vote. My mom and dad who might be in Florida, and they're Georgia residents because they're they're from that's an absentee ballot. So those those issues are being addressed. Those issues are being addressed. They cut all ties to our gun rights, By the way, Yeah, and we'll have to address them on a different show because we are of time here, Mark.

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