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Excited. We're going to talk about what you can do with your guns. We're going gonna talk about defunding the police or just some previously defunding police like we have in billings. Oh this painting right. Is your family gonna die next saturday. Find out ten eases. Is there a meteor at st for your health. The answer may surprise you. What else about the water district. Ooh did we ever learn. What the hell's going on with that or you can kinda learn what the fuck not allowed to know. What the hell's going on it no basis. And you don't know what we're saying is we can't come out about ongoing litigation. This is true Talk about foaming. we talked about Csm seventeen sponsor to their survey nice ice scotch and a little bit kind of a lot really car wrecks. Pileups cars buried in houses right. Not in a garage. No point. The city of billings organizational shirt. So if you wanted to know what. The hierarchy of the city of bill exists going from management standpoint. Yeah you're going to get a vague outline of what that looks like a you. Bet you put the heart in flow chart. We also got a little drunk. Maybe haven't had dinner yet. And i've been working all day. So bet betcha going like a chicken with us. I've got off like i said today's episode brought to you by you. Want to start with. Pick i isla carroll isla kinda lila an age twelve. You're single malt scotch whisky absolutely and it's a continuation of the basil hayden's hour of power augmented this week and this week only by mango art and pink whitney by new amsterdam pink lemonade flavored vodka. Who it is a state. Patty's day. I just kinda realized that is sixteenth seventeenth here and go bra. Today's the seventeenth ks at saint patrick's day. I forget that's why there's nowhere to park outside. That's what i noticed. There's lots of people downtown about breathing in each other's maushire a lot of vaccinated people would assume the up. This is the freddie. Packer was stuck in style here. Dump only two point. Oh the newly tabled renovated. Yes recall renovated indeed

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