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Inside of you with michael rosenbaum very special episode today. I'm a huge fan ryan. You know that yeah. I'm a big fan. And i got to work with this guy in a movie called urban legend. Which many of you probably didn't see but my dog dies. They put it in the microwave in the movie. Dark stuff god the but it was great working with him. He was really fun. We got to do a little fangoria magazine interview. Robert england. Of course freddy kruger Is his great interview. I really was waiting for this one. I tried to get him for a long time. And i finally came around. Maybe he didn't know you know who's to say you just got vaccinated. Did got my second best second back so we can hug soon. We can two weeks two weeks. You'll hug me. I will guys you need to watch podcast just to see us on the show Couple reminders first of all thank you for subscribing and listening to the show and if you hear to listen to robert in your big hoorah fan. I hope that you would give a show a chance and subscribe. You can subscribe at ryan. We can go to youtube type inside of you. With michael rosenbaum subscribe can watch the interviews or you can go to spotify or apple or whatever. Right reviewing subscribe and the handles are at inside of you pod on twitter at inside of podcasts on instagram and facebook. Yes there you go. I might still be a little brain foggy. Yeah i'm a little brain. Foggy to i'll tell you what we watched Be really getting into these. Ufo's the ufo thing You know i watched the bob. Lazar documentary and net flicks. It's free a watch. The it's called the phenomenon which is one of the best documentaries about ufo's and the military and government hiding all this shit and unacknowledged and read some stuff. Listen to joe rogan interview and check it out. There's there's some stuff going on. I think there is I think everybody at this point knows that there's probably we're not the only ones in the vast universe. Yeah so check it out anyway. look guys. we're doing another show son. Spend my band last saturday of every month. And it is the twenty ninth. I believe in may two shows two pm six pm. Sun spin dot com. You can get merch. You could look Zooms with us. You could Book the band and you could also Get tickets to the show. Which is may twenty ninth and we're really loving. Check us out on spotify too and apple wherever you want to look. But we're all of the place. Our new album. Roy really excited about it and also if you wanna get Any merch for inside of you. The podcast if you're gonna go inside the online store you can get lex luther stuff inside your stuff and there's just so much Good goodness there's only. I think a couple boxes left. I oh smallville lunchbox again on it. Yeah so let's have a code. Let's have a discount code for the inside you online store. Okay let's call it. Ufo fifteen fifteen percent off everything in the store ufo. Fifteen all my god. You're gonna watch these documentaries. I'm gonna make you watch him so you then you're gonna go. You know what. I i know what you're talking about. I believe that aliens exist The rabbit hole is too deep to go down for me to feel any kind of sanity about it. Like it's i said there. I said the same thing. And then i start watching this stuff and i go i just i don't why is it so crazy to think that some ship you know that goes lights light years ahead of us. The speed at which these crafts go somehow whether it broke down whether it Had difficulties whether it came into our realm our universe. And what's so crazy about that. And then they've got this technological advance advances. You know that we can't even understand that and then for years we're trying to catch up that simple as that. It's just because there are so many other issues in the thanks. This one just feels like a plus. This could fix so much. I mean that there. I have a theory. I'm not gonna talk about Anyway thank you guys so much for subscribing. I love my patrons you know. I do means the world to me that you listen to the podcast. Thank you westwood one. Thank you ryan. Thank you bryce if you want to write in hello at inside of you podcast. I don't always right back. But i i do read the messages and i thank you for them and That's about it. Why don't we get inside of robbing one. It's my point of you. You're listening to you inside of you with michael who rose inside of you with michael. Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. Well what a treat. I get to talk to nancy england. Nancy oh yeah i mean how many times have you said. Why did you marry a woman named nancy. We get so much fan mail about that. And she's sort of cut from the same cloth as well. The joke is that he looked really hard. I bet you get so many questions. You probably get just so tired of and i was thinking okay. Let me put myself in in in robert schuss here because i played a villain for a long time and the people would always sleuth in fact i had a guy come over and redo my wall in the podcast room. And he's like you know he's hispanic guy and a great guy. He's like mr. Luther mr luther. Yeah he's like actually called me mr luther. It's actually luther thorough. But i mean you go through stages of like in the beginning you're excited and then you're like all right if that's not the only thing i do. I mean and then you go to hell embrace. This is amazing. i'm lucky to be. Did you go through stages like that of like people going. Hey freddie new at faulk you well you know michael. I i always thought of you as a median. Then you you had this gracious lying avila. You know so i can try to slip this question back to you but for me. I was lucky. I had the whole seventies playing best friends rice. I x and then towards the end i was everybody's favorite redneck rash robin with. And so i i had done. I darted been established in all in weird and your was. And when i did. The ready. just banged me into international actor overnight. You know and i said. I'd i'd never had that kind of success before and i was like grabbing the the ring on the merry go round got it i just on because you had done your classically trained. You've done a bunch of ship before that. So i don't have anything to prove you know. I mean i studied ago with a great actor of plano fellow. Roger robinson the late roger robinson who did a lot of the august wilson blaze at the iguana. Tony award for what. But i don a lot of stuff. But i did it in that moment of time. You know when you don't when you're not on you know entertainment tonight and access. Hollywood ryan cover of people magazine. Because you're starring in some way in the mid west with michael moriarty original order. So i had that kind of under my belt ryan. I proved myself. You know that i could do that stuff. And then the first ten years in hollywood you know my god. I hit my marks with jeff bridges and

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