Elon Musk Makes His 'SNL' Debut


Over the weekend elon. Musk the ceo of tesla and spacex at snl host to his resume to any one of offended. I just want to say i. Reinvented electric cars. And i'm sending people to mars rocketship. Did you think. I was also going to be a normal dude. So what happens. When an iconoclastic tech entrepreneur and one of the world's richest people hosts a sketch comedy. Show let's turn to our tesla reporter. Rebecca elliott find out. Hey rebecca good to talk to you again manda. Thanks for having me. So i just wanna come right out and acknowledge here you and i are talking on a show called tech news briefing. It is not normal. That an appearance on saturday night live would give us something to talk about. Yeah it's definitely unusual. Snl typically taps entertainers to host the show. There are a handful of business people who have done so in the past including the late george steinbrenner who on the new york yankees for president. Donald trump hosted twice Including in two thousand fifteen when he was vying to be the republican nominee for the white house. We don't know at this point. Exactly how the hosting gig came together but elon. Musk has a super wide audience. This was the first time that snl expanded viewership and had live streaming internationally. And so you know. He certainly brought a lot of attention to the show.

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