Concerts Are the Best Kind of Medical Experiments


Without herd immunity society is bound to start reopening so over in the uk researches trying to figure out what kind of events people can go to without causing the virus to stop spreading out of control again and the way they are trying to figure it out just maybe the greatest science experiment of all time live. Music is starting to make a comeback as a way to track krona virus progress. The english city of liverpool hosted a one off music festival yesterday to test whether such events spread the virus about five thousand people ditched face coverings and social distancing rules to attend outdoor event. And they just had to test negative for covert i and agree to follow up. Tests and five days data from the festival will be used by the governments of research program to help understand the effects of crowds on the spread of the virus. And the festival's organizers says. He hopes the project will help get outdoor events back on the calendar this year all year a concert. That's my kind of medical experiment of louis. Pasteur in bullshit with a dog. The best part of it is no one court covert but sadly one hundred people did. Come down with indian. But that's right. Thousands of people showed up to a concert and the purpose was to see see if they would catch covert which must be honest. Doesn't seem like a real idea right. That seems like some are ruled that happened. You can get it right fire and if you ask me i think an experimental concert is a great idea. Not just for covert. I mean you can test for all sorts of things you can test for the effect of constantly dropping. The beats can finally find out. Does that hurt. The beat can the be even feel pain and will the beat be able to go on. One of the most here is how many volunteers they got to submit to medical experimentation. Just because they wanted to see a concert. I mean you realize this means. They could ramp up experimental on everything just based on. Who's performing can we. Please take your kidneys. We need to test something. What no we'll give you tickets to be on say. Oh my god take them both. Toby answer their mind telling their my kidneys. Maybe she'll say about the

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