Lawmakers Want Details on Facebook’s Instagram for Kids


Democratic lawyers are asking facebook the detail. Its instagram for kids project. They have concerns about the proposal. You think following report last month. The facebook is working on a version. Instagram for children under the age of thirteen parents. Parents parents parents a group of four democrat. Lawmakers said they're concerned with the company's plan a letter signed by senator ed markey richard blumenthal represent. Kathy castor and laurie trahan. The group astra series appointed and technical questions related the project for instance several direct. The company detail. How the tubers instagram will be including whether facebook will those will allow those on the main line app to see the contents. Kids post other questions. Touched on practical subjects ike. How facebook plans to handle things when he used turns thirteen and so on and so forth please please please if they launch this. Do not allow your under thirteen year. Old kids to get a kids instagram. Please

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