Grading All of the NBA Trade Deadline Moves


As well. But let us discuss. Everyone loves playing the winners and losers game, But I do it all differently. I do well differently here. I have as a teacher. I have a report card book. I'd like to give report cards. Also what grades? He was the question. What grade? Did you give out the key trades in the MBA? Now there's on. Lee won a plus trade at the deadline. There's only one trade here that rises to the A plus level, and that's the Clippers. The Clippers get an A plus the bulls get I'm I give the Bulls of B. For their trade, the heat and the Celtics. I'm going. See, I'm going to see on that. And I'm gonna be the devil's advocate guy with the Nuggets. I'm not like the mainstream basketball media was not overly impressed with the Nuggets trace. I'll give that a D, and there's a bunch of APS. Better storing the losing locker room, the Orlando Magic Houston Rockets, New Orleans pelicans, the Toronto wrapped oars, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. All get f C F F F F F F for you and half for you. And As for you, you in the back, you failed also. At that. Beth! Beth! Beth! Beth Beth. All right, So my thoughts on this You've got Dr Doritos and dunce cap the three days and we will tie all of these things together in an adequate. Adequate valor monologue. Now a the N betrayed deadline I will concede lived up actually exceeded my very low expectations. One of the great things about being a cynic and a skeptic. When you have low expectations. Occasionally, it doesn't take much to impress you. It doesn't happen very often. So let's enjoy it, and we're gonna roll up our Proverbial sleeves here and and get the worst. We'll start out with the on Lee, a trader today the people's team making the trade with the Atlanta Hawks, and it seemed to the uneducated basketball fan. Like a rather an Oculus deal. At first glance, the Clippers sending sweet Lou Sweet Lou Williams. Great six man back in his prime and some meaningless second round picks to the A. T. L in exchange for Zhaan Rondo, who comes back L A. But now he's playing for the good

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