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For life beyond june. The twenty first is extremely exciting birther. Dj's the artists people were behind the scenes. Everybody wants to work and become self sufficient again. Is this funny guy. I guess the use guy don't give mornings five. You're gonna love experience knowledge in history in the dance music scene because he got a couple of ballrooms and back today but just hilarious to see the lineup of the playing and he inserted himself in there. You know when. You're a promoter. Usually kind of well. When i was a promoted when i was doing it for a long time. If you being promote was a great case of book to write so you kind of on your nice and he wrote a play these places that you put off to build a playoff sheriff of name but it also you get a chance to kind of stand next to people that you want to be on the level level. You're supposed to be like you get to be in the mix and stuff in your hoping nights people come to see. The big person might see you play. That might keep you. Mo- increased exposure you up the ranks blow standard thing. But usually when. When i was doing and i said at the time the trend was to kind of. Because you didn't have much money and you want to pay the headliner quite decently and your friends you to make sure that you just play the opening set so you play as much as you can in the beginning and then the peak hours will give to the guests and that was in and you spent most of the time making sure everything's okay. There's no fires. And because i'll be by the w whenever kind of arrived at the party anyway so you could turn into promote a guy. Mitchell people in was gonna drink tokens the us shit. But you don't you don't have a chance to play at the peak hours. Because so the big aisa but his usage guy for the circus ping himself right in between so he played. I think he introduced bless madonna onto the stage after energy and then he played after bless madonna and then he played before span var. So the kind of welcome bless madonna stage. Dj and then you chance to den delap hyperion success and then when she finished you chunk to kind of do the whole copy next turned black under guy. I did this thing and you got a chance to introduce phone vase. There's like a really a bit corny to be fair. i'm not going to be bit cringe by respect the hustle driving if you wonder is often an amongst the no i'm standing in between these two guys. This is where i am is really interesting. After more than a year of mt dance floors. The nightclub is back well at least one for now. Three thousand clubbers will gather in liverpool for the uk's first big bash on april thirtieth with no social distancing and no face coverings required the moment or other nightclubs in. The uk aren't allowed to reopen until at least june twenty-first by the popular circus event is getting a special pass for two days. It's one of many government back to pilot events across the country with scientists on the sidelines. Research is a studying crowd. Interactions and behavior social distancing options ventilation and test on entry rules based on their findings. They're hoping to build a blueprint for venues across the uk to reopen safely. This summer with throats. He's got the got the nod so to speak. They reached out. Sources said okay. We are going to do the pilot schemes. Would you like to be interested and take paul. Richard was a challenge said okay. Let's let's do this and we understood. It was gonna be like an enormous responsibility and of course an enormous on this event ravens have to test negative for covid using a lateral flow test to do this the day before at designated centers research is also asking them to take a test on the day and again five days later. But this isn't mandatory pre secret right. So let's check out the. I've actually footage of the event software saved on instagram from people's profiles. It looked pre quarterback for confined fucker. Funders if confined it. But papa bob and the only thing that's concerning it was a little bit stiff the event i'm gonna say it felt like people were really nervous. Mellow trepidation of dan. Tons of people dancing so maybe we should the crowd that goes to those kind of events but obviously a lot of people standing around looking left to right not really realizing what are we allowed to do this. Is this going to end again. Like i dunno it just a little bit nervous overall by people spending you know the best outside of fifty months not being able to ravens shit. It's going to make you a little bit apprehensive. That makes complete sense to his a video here of spent doing his whole. Jesus hand signs. I about the main guy chelsea. Like like the dog's bollocks inside in front of the crow. Who does that be cringing. And maybe some casting by subic cringe being in front of the dexite that and like you know gain all praise maybe did the event because he just finished playing. I'm assuming an iphone vargas a play or he's just finished now in these kind of signing about. It's like come on man. begging i get it. I get it look down. Look at that crowd from people outside. So-called vol

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