A highlight from Crypto Market Winding Up


Did everybody you well. My politics podcast last couple of days. A couple of early bought by thing other very important things they were one of the days just missed it and and yesterday a for many of you have been listening for a long time of chronic fatigue syndrome and i haven't had any issues with the she really until well yesterday Got out will struggle to get up and Yeah i didn't get my flop back. Which is meant to get yesterday afternoon and had the state notion of the not. Because i just i just couldn't get up so apologies for that. God's feedback amount of improvement today but some still quite exhausted all the back as per normal programming on on monday Adjusted goes through and have a good look I did a a scan of beta market. Look around and it looks as i think starting to move a little bit more now sudden look a little bit stronger in the last four hours. Also i'm with bitcoin. So that buds while for potentially a good weekend of trading heartfully leading into a good. Wait for next week as well trying But i look a bitcoin. What it's done is carnival hyping to with that pulling back enough. He looked at my scan on fresh. Txz on tuesday a did discuss that. Pull back on the dial if we can get that high low An ends at the high heart and then we can raise it that daily. China didn't want to say bitcoin just a straight line on the daily. I wanted to say that trend reset and look. It hasn't done that yet. But we have had a couple of days of pullback the highest point this way this way fifty six thousand six hundred at pulled back to that low fifty two-three so it's been a good little pullback now we've got a bullish candle today at one and a half percent at fifty full full if we can push up now through to a new hire high on that daily. We're not only going to have a daily uptrend but we're also gonna have similar needs like the four hours in the aisles and twelve so a going to get a lot more opportunity if the Can't do that. And that's what. I'd love to say so far this week we've put on. Eleven percent of bitcoin is up eleven percent. Dust fire in the wake. Of course now today being fraud eissa. There is still plenty of room for it to do. Its thing the. I'm quietly quietly happy with how it's Without looking right now and hopefully that continues over the weekend a theorems only at one percents tonight. But i'll tell you what's a good week. Another twenty percent. This way theorem definitely looking very very strong pushing tickling around all time highs a twenty seven hundred ninety one percent on dangling rot now nas trend on that dighly do want to say A do want to see the simplicity kick in a little bit better when it comes to lower timeframes that he's a little bit stagnant at the moment of can push up through To new highs and a bit a bit of dasta will come out of a bit of consolidation period that we've been sitting info about dial tape But again you know theorem still sitting up very high numbers looking very good at twenty seven hundred idei te extra pay more of the in the top ten up nearly twelve percent. Rotten out a dollar fifty six of the last four hours. It's pulling eleven point seven five percent in that four hour move. There has gone onto the daily look quite strong and the four. Now as much as there's no trading cheese full may at this moment in time. I will certainly be keeping an eye on that on the low time. It'll probably be one of the first ports of coal out for me tomorrow morning when i get up and check it out. Bitcoin cash is up four percent as edges white towards one thousand dollars once more couple of days of relatively sawed buys activity on up. Sorry bitcoin cash not an itin. Dole's and sixty five cents dots pushed up It's not the greatest of trend in the world right. Now it's up. Aw sorry tough. It is bill mitchell again. It's up one point five percent at thirty six dollars and fifty six cents right now. Agawam as the kick on nisa carry through. And this is what we're saying at the moment is we all sang a little bit more energy coming into the market a hype by the thomas bakti. Next that there'll be a lot more going on thirty six dollars. Fifty seven percent and a half on dot To sixty seven and eight cents up four and a half percent right now Again the lost to the wall now the law so to speak so seven houses being where the majority of the activity wake realistically has happened The wake was the start of shot up quite hard but it is looking nice. It's got to push on higher again. It's gotta get about two hundred and sixty seven forty five and it's very close to that right now being as two hundred sixty six ninety site again fully. Three coin gifts that simplicity of something to with bonnets tickling all time highs as well Working its way back up towards the four hour does have a little bit better. Simplicity leg up a guy. I get us up around six forty hit the old. Tom hawes an pullbacks will be a flight of fa may six thousand nine hundred dollars and seventy cents up three point two percent right now the guy wanting to say a little bit mole from bonnets cod. Donna is it up. It's up full point. Three percent of thirty six shots a little. Bit messy it. You know what we did. Have that little pop up a couple of days back or yesterday. sorry. I'm we pulled all back. So has muddy the waters a little bit their own kudzanai white and see where we go from lake starting to push on again a little bit resistance.

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