A highlight from The Lip Bar's Melissa Butler: 'Beauty doesn't look like one thing'


Host pre arou- executive editor act loss and today's guest is melissa butler. The ceo and founder of the lip bar welcome. Melissa thank you so much for having me. Well let's what if you could take me back a little bit. I know that you started the spread in two thousand twelve when you're an analyst at barclays and wondering you know how did you translate a career in finance to being a beauty founder. Yeah i mean. Honestly i never imagined being a beauty founder. It wasn't it wasn't my goal by any means is started my career in finance and i actually thought that that i wanted to do that. And then probably let's say i don't know a year into it. I was like way. What am i doing here. Why am i doing here. And i and. I realized very quickly. How important self-esteem was and how important the beauty industry was to self esteem so Just working on wall street. I very quickly learn that you know as a woman. Unfortunately we are judged not just by our work in our work ethic. We're also judged by our looks and so i often times was having to show for myself in a multitude of ways thinking about what my hair looked like what my makeup looked like also ultimately thinking about what my core work performance was and in thinking about how i showed up and beauty meant to me. I became incredibly frustrated. Frustrated with the beauty industry diversity not seeing people who look like me and really just this idea that beauty was linear. And i was like way. No beauty doesn't look like one thing. It looks like all things and i'm included within that even though i felt like i wasn't represented in that's honestly what drove me to starting the company. It wasn't because i was passionate about. Or i because i was a makeup artist. No it was literally. Because i wanted to see a change within the industry knew that everyday women like me deserve to see themselves within the industry. What do you mean exactly by linear. Do you mean like that aspiration all point of view or the one look. Yeah in two thousand eleven. And this is when i was when i first started working on the company but in two thousand eleven i very vividly remember the beauty industry and the media Essentially putting the kim tae look on a pedestal. In that tim k look was supposed to be aspirational for every single woman in the united states. Meanwhile only probably two percent of the women in the country look by her and it's like while if she is the standard of beauty. Then how am i to to be made to feel. And that's something that i was questioning. I was questioning it for myself for my friends for my family and just like every women. I was like wait. Why why is it that we are all chasing something. That's so outside of ourselves and that frustration. Honestly let me to making lipstick in my kitchen. So i've always had the philosophy and the mentality that you know. You shouldn't just complain about something. You can complain in an either get over it or you can complain do something about it and i am an action oriented person so i was like instead of complaining that that beauty consistently shows up in one form across the beauty industry across the media. I'm going to create a company that showcases beauty and all sorts of lights so it was so ridiculous free of because our very first collection. We didn't even have a single red or new lipstick. We only had really bold colors like purple and blue and yellow and orange. Really just to say. I'm making a statement. That beauty is a matter of self expression and so however you want to show up as yourself is how you should be able to do so and at the time you know in two thousand eleven. You couldn't really find a blue lipstick or purple lipstick in main stream. And so i was going against the grain just to further. Prove that beauty didn't look like one thing it was in all things all people. That's interesting that you say how much we were so focused on kim kardashian and that look in two thousand and eleven 'cause i would argue that's even more the case today.

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