A highlight from Bonus Episode: Girl, Educate Yourself on Geo- Farming with Janine Igliane


Hi this is angela. Fazio and i'm kristin cantrell and this is moms in real estate but a new spin off its girl. Educate yourself or so excited and today we have a real trivia year. Sixty one million dollar producer. Janine johnny. She's going to be talking to us about gio farming. I can't wait. Yeah so excited hiding having medium so excited to talk about something that i am super passionate about in really really love so thank you tell us a little about yourself in start teaching this year or this march will be eight years for me. In real estate. I grew up with my dad. Real estate in he was always a geographic farmers. That's what he taught me a nand together. We've just taken ad in now. I just kind of run with it. And i just really love what we do. Every year in been able to see my business increase in continuing to do more and more in for me. I just have a heart service and so i love Geographic farming and what. It's allowed me to do and how has allowed me to really build my business and i believe it's like the best way to grow a realistic business. I'm excited to share with you guys today. Well and to be honest. I feel like i talked to so many real estate agents in your like the only actually. There's one other person that comes to mind but you're the only one that successful gio farming. The i can think of off the top of my head so it's not like a a popular I dunno i. I don't think that have the staying power to make that work and have to be so persistent Intentional and i can take a long time. Yup yup yup. I talk about that and not is truly one of the things but if you can hang in there it is so so worth it because honestly it really does get in the longer you do it so so we are. We have to assume that there are people out there that even when they hear geo farming. They don't have any idea what that is. So can you start really basically for our audience and let them know exactly. What gio farming means a so geographic farming Loved the were farming. Because that's really what we're doing. We're planting seeds with this neighborhood in this neighborhood could really be any defined area that you choose. And we're planting. Seeds were cultivating were investing in this area. And we do that in a series of ways right. We do it through our intentional marketing. We do it through community events serving and giving back Things like that and just cultivating in overtime. It eventually grows and you become the neighborhood expert. The one that you know people think of when they think of selling i just took a listing last night when i was meeting with them. Of course you ask you know. How did you hear about me or what would you call me. And they said while we know that your number one in power ranch. No one sells more than you. We get your marketing pieces and we just knew that when we were ready to sell. You're the ones that we were gonna go with so that would full statement. Yeah it's such a good feeling to be like okay. i i've done. Goodbye added listing appointment. Go on its smokey recognized for that. Yeah well it's the result a don't let anyone volume out there. It's the result of a lot of hard work yet work. This is that something you do two or three hours a week of essen idea of maybe i don't know if you work on life of quarterly basis or whatever example that you can give a typical week or month. That would help people to understand. Just how intensely you do this mo new. I think tha that point just in general most people with farming. They think while. I mailed to this neighborhood for six months and i haven't got anything so it must not be working right or i. You know two months or two weeks or whatever and that is the biggest downfall to farming people. Why they don't succeed why they give up is because they don't stay consistent with that. I can tell you. I can look at my business from when i started until now in conceived little pops and from my i like pop was after eleven months of doing it consistently. I was like well like this works. They noticed me off on it started to pay off. And it's like a snowball rolling down a hill. The farther it goes the bigger it gets and so you have got to stay consistent with it. that's where you'll see the biggest win. I'm doing it not only consistent in terms of how many times you're doing it at. What is your messaging your branding. You want that all to be consistent. You know. I stay from the moment someone either takes your information off their door or gets it out of their junk mail because that's where it goes like thirty seconds than you want them to. Just look at it immediately recognizable. Hey that's the go-to realtor there. She is again right because branding is so super consistent. So it's important that you're consistent not only with your timing but also with your branding messaging. So how did you figure out how to be that. A lot of people get real estate. They might know nothing about branding. So how did you learn how to do that.

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