A highlight from The Podcast Was Delayed Because of THIS!?

GG Over EZ


Over easy podcast episode eighty two in today's video. We talk about things that i probably should have written down so that i could talk about them off the top of my head. We talk about my troubles with an ad read. Yeah why we didn't have. An absolute was late laps was delayed. It's pretty funny. Gangs up. come out this week Bunch of games have come out this week. Too many games wom. I signed up for soccer so we may have new soccer stories coming soon. And there's other stuff. I need to write them down. Kazan ask you it anymore. 'cause like what episode is like gonna work out. I mean it gets to the point. Now where like if you read any of the descriptions for these podcasts. Recently they're just going downhill. Because i'm like brother halftime. Remember when you were gone. That week i had to come up with the description for areas in that was that was really hard i was like i missed just doing the ads. Come out with thailand. I don't know yet. Thailand scriptures pre tough so. This was pretty easy title. This one writes itself. I'm that's actually going to be the title. This episode's title writes itself by gas. Thanks for listening to us. Guber enjoy. don't ever call me guber again. You're but you're goofy goober. No like don't budge googlers. We would like my forty eight year old at calls us the guest guber

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