EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021


My name's Tim it's my fifth oshkosh air venture Live near vancouver in canada and happy to be here. How this before. We continue I'll just mention that. Because of travel restrictions there are far fewer international visitors here to to air venture But but you found a way to smuggle yourself out of canada. I guess and You flew down correct. I did yep That's the one way we can cross by land at this point but through airplanes luckily we can make it here The other restrictions Cova test before we crossed the border to allow to be able to get onto the flight. And then i'll have to do the same on the return on the cobra test in order to return to canada all right. Hey it's Logan lynch Second time come to air venture Came in nineteen and is great excited to be here again. It's probably another record breaking ground this year. It seems like so Flew in from north dakota yesterday so glad to be here. North dakota put the land of the severe winter I'd say severe everything we get the extremes on both ends. We cost hunter three hundred and three up there. The other day we We'll get down to negative fifty in the winter. So it's extremes. Yeah crazy crazy also with us. Hello everybody. this is david. Abby from new york love the airplane geeks for on a right now. Just one of my first podcast. I've ever listened to and got me involved in aviation so it's great to see again at his first oshkosh and i flew in yesterday commercial from from new york via denver because of the I guess crazy Domestic airline operations lately but it went smoothly. No problem so glad to be here and just great to be among the aviation friends

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