Are Unvaccinated Migrants to Blame for Recent COVID Spikes?


I work in a medium with a whole bunch of smart people. I've known the great one as he's affectionately called mark levin for years mark last night was on fox. News asked a great question. A terrific question. A with with all the cdc guidance about masks about mandatory vaccines about all of it. What are you doing about the illegals. Here's mark. I have a question. For the cdc busy issuing all kinds of orders to american citizens vaccinated citizens are supposed to wear masks. Don't you understand when you tell people that they're not going to get vaccinated on the one hand you say hurry up and get vaccinated on the other hand we're gonna treat you as if you're not vaccinated that's not science that's stupidity and we've had a lot of stupidity at a federal scientists and medical directors over the course of the last eighteen months but you wanna know big stupidity. We've an open southern border. People are pouring into this country so fast we don't know how many covert cases among migrants and the rio grande valley sector surge. Nine hundred percent of the border numbers. Continue to rise. We don't know how many illegal aliens have it. We know they're not tested. We know they're poor. They're coming from poorer countries that they don't have access to vaccines. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe because our southern border is open by design people coming across the border situation. We're being overwhelmed. You look at the red map. The cdc director puts out there. What do you see. The southeastern united states is getting hit. Hardest southern california's getting hit hardest. How come they're not getting hit in north carolina. North dakota how come. They're not getting hit on the northern border the way they are on the southern border. Well we have some ideas about this. Don't we now the. Cdc is so out of control that it ordered not long ago landlords not to raise rates or to to remove tenants and a federal court. Said you're the. Cdc you don't have the power to do that. Hey cdc joe by never question for you for health purposes cdc. Why don't you issue orders to secure the southern border so we can make sure people who are coming across. Don't have the virus and aren't spreading in the united

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