Critical Race Theory: The Anti-Racists Are the New Racists With American Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson, Sr


I wanna talk about critical race theory. you identify as a black male. Is that right yes okay. That's that's most your life. You're you're in your seventh decade here as blackmail so you speak from experience in the civil rights world before it went crazy and woke You wrote an article at the policy review called a better way to fight critical race theory. What's your thesis in this article. The safe is is not the first of all the so-called anti-racist are the new racist must be very clear they are propagating a theory. That that hearkens back to the days of racism where they're saying that we should be judged by the content of our character but the bottom color of our skin. It wasn't esoteric debate on campuses for many years. But then right. After the george floyd and other incidents the radical left has has has migrated into the public domain and using it now as an instrument to attack american whites attack. Democracy is being used as a pervasive strategy to really undermine the values and principles of the nation of social just and of course. Let's just be clear that what they're trying to do is they're trying to get people to think racially another words. If i see you as a white guy you see me as a white guy sees a blackout when you see that i and when you focus on that it makes you a racialist whether whether we're racists or not the point is it makes you look through the lens of race which you and i know as christians as americans. We know that that's wrong no matter where it goes no matter where it's coming from. There's something unhealthy about

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