George W. Bush Compares Domestic Violent Extremists to 9/11 Terrorists in Appalling Speech


This is the man who i don't know he he he he's meant to be a conservative He was a republican president. He went to shanksville pennsylvania to the field where flight ninety three crashed off to those brave brave men took it back from the territory. Terrorists to save lives in dc and this is what he said on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven. This is the man who was president. When nine eleven happened cut to play cup little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But then there's disdainful pluralism in their disregard for human life in their determination to defile national symbols. They are children of the same foul spirit and it is our continuing duty to confront them. Children of the same foul spread so nine eleven bin laden and maga- supporters are the same but lemon antiques. Don't get a mention your action cuddle. Why are they got was the most disgusting thing i i. I've seen in years. You know. I supported that guy. I had his back when he wouldn't defend himself because he was a gentleman. Dr gorka and is soon as it became clear that he's useless brother. Please clap. jeb. Of was not going to get our support because of his unbroken tracker failure George bush discovered his voice and decide to use it against the very same people who supported him. What i'm the marxist. But it's becoming clear that class that is the guys who hang out at the country club seems to take priority over actual policies. I i'm so disgusted by this guy. This is so bankrupt. Guy went off to war for his father. I deployed under him I was a loyal supporter and be charged with his blood. Libel this disgusting slander. Because you know he didn't have to say we all knew what he means. You can see the giggling liberal blue checks on twitter knowing exactly what he that was just

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