So How You Gonna Act - burst 1


Hey how you gonna. Can you explain the reason why you can explain some miracles july. Would you be the person for where you are in life now. There is no room for distractions. We all go through live either going on with the blood using someone else to achieve the facts of life trying not to get it knocked down. It doesn't matter how smart you are and how much finances you have given your career. Can you say that tomorrow someone that you didn't think it'd be in the same position you are today. Things could change for you and then you see there is no room for the expressions. He thought would cost the door to open in another area up by when you were going up in your career did you do it allow or was there someone who was there to take the heavy load from you but you seem to allow other to think you did it on your own even when i did what i did while going through school. I acknowledged that which was presented in a matter of support. So how you gonna. Are you thinking that because you have a new outfit by researching or bella donna. You have awry but others can also say to purchase the same thing to to hide. You're gonna but did you girlfriend sit and senior praises on someone else must be given the credit for some achievements to hide. You're gonna act. Can you retire at an early age pretending you're able to do to some four one k. Or stop that has caused you to think you have arrived. So how you gonna when someone asks you to get them a soda from the store and you give them a whole story as to why you're not going to give them a drink. Can you say that your health is one hundred percent in just because a person has a limp when they walk you decide to strut and model because you see nothing wrong with you. Are you still able to walk in and out of places without looking down on the net. So how you gonna act your tongues. Go into many languages. One our brands. Who are you trying to impress or is it the persona that you're displaying whether people so tell me hide you're gonna act. Can you make promises of things in life. Giving a person that idea you are better than others not knowing you were just superficial and all things other sit back watching how others think of you as an opportunity so when that opportunity arouse can you still sit and make a new decision of helping someone not lying about what you can or cannot do without the help of someone else are you sure about the looks are given to those who are less fortunate than you and the next time you place your face in a position making you seem superior then that one person who you had been criticizing making fun of stepped inside the building and display just as you did to them. It was something you not expecting. That turned around to happen in life. And the question you need to think about is so high you're gonna.

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