Make It a Quest: How to Reconnect With Your Creative Self

Before Breakfast


Tip is to make it a quest beginning the day or the week with a goal you want to reach by the end of it can make time feel different memorable and possibly more fun. Today's tip like another. This week comes from jeffrey davis's book tracking wonder which will be published. This fall tracking wonder is all about how to reconnect with your creative self. Much of adult life can go on autopilot after a while you do the same thing day after day an end the day much as you started it there is nothing wrong with routine but when we do the same thing. It's easy to think the same things doing things. A little differently can sometimes spur different thoughts. Enter the quest. When i say this word i think of nights the hero on horseback goes out to slay a dragon find his way through a dark forest and save a princess. It is a pursuit. a search a journey. Think finding three clues so you can solve a riddle while we are not knights on horseback or detectives solving case we can adopt the quest mindset for daily life to just think of a series of different things. You could figure out to find a set period of time. Perhaps you would like to get to know a few more people at work. You might go on a quest to have a conversation with five new people over the course of the work week or maybe it's saying hello to five different neighbors in a similar quantity of time. You could go on a quest to find all the buildings done by a local architect. You could go on a quest to take photos of thirty different depictions of flowers in art at a local art museum. These quests don't have to be profound at all.

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