Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan on the Importance of Title 42


Let's explain this house this on our show already. What is title forty two is. Why was it important. And is it really still in place. So they answer last. Says it's not an. I'll get to that so title forty two again. This was not immigration policy. This is very important. It was a public health policy from. Cdc as part of their containment mitigation strategy to reduce the further introduction of cova nineteen from outside our borders into the country. They told each s you. Shall you will border patrol. Those that are illegally entering. You're gonna stop the border processes of the border. Return them to mexico. You're not going to bring them in your open. Air concord settings like those pictures show that are basically tolbert super superstars. And you're sure is a heck not release them into the united states impact the making the job of c. bp possible possible and protecting the american people okay and they just look so white house just technically extended title forty two and and cdc is still putting out the same stuff that it's dangerous ripe for those who are illegally in the country. These just said it but yet this administration has released almost two hundred thousand families and single dolt into this country wachovia. Cdc order was still in place so let me ask you a naive question. You've been a marine. You've been a law enforcement officer. You've been commissioned if khasan border protection is this administration breaking american law apsolutely unequivocally breaking the law and multiple elements and. I'll go further. Look at and i know. It's tough but i simply the the. The president is abdicating. His producer duties under article two and oracle for a section for as well to enforce the rule of the law to protect this nation So not only. Do i believe the president's do padeas is doing. They are actually what they're doing is actually counter to the still law. The tells them what they should explain that. So look it. I'll give you an example. Really great one. Because a lot of times we talk about the border. Bullish shifted in tier. Two ice ice is by. Ns we use words like xiao. You shall remove people you shall go and arrest people. This administration with their interior enforcement. Priorities are actually telling ice not to enforce the law

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