You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How

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Can we as adults grew new nerve. Sounds these still some confusion about that question. As this is a fairly new field of research for example are sticking to one of my colleague robert with an oncologist and he was sitting me cendrine. This is puzzling. Some of my patients. That have been told there are queued. Are cancer still develop symptom of depression. And i responded to him from my point of view that make sense so drug you give to your patients that stops a cells multiplying also stop the newborn neurons being generated in your brain and then robert looked at me like i was crazy and said but sundering visa adult patients either do not grow new nurse and much street surprise. I say well actually we do. And we sees a phenomenon that we call muroo genie's so now roburt is not a neuroscientist and when you went to medical school it was not to what we know. Now that the other brain can generate new nurse airs so roburt being a doctor. He's wanted to come to my lab to understand a little bit better topic. And i took him for two of one of the most exciting parts of the brain when it comes to new jersey's the compass so vis vis gray structure in the center of the brain and what we know seems already very long is that this is important for learning and memory and mood and emotion however what we have learned more recently. Is that this is one of the unique structure of the other brain where new neurons can be generated

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