What Are the Newsom Recall Polls Saying?


Hey everybody. Welcome to this episode of the charlie kirk show with us. Today's a friend of mine and he's rarely ever wrong. In fact we had him coming on our program leading up to the election and he got almost all of his predictions correctly. Richard harris from the people's pundit and also we had you on for the georgia thing and you're the one that early said. Hey we got a problem in georgia and you're right so we're going to talk about california polls and so all right richard. Let's cut through all of the nonsense. Yes the way. It works in california for all of our friends in maine and massachusetts and florida and south carolina. It's a two part question. Yes or no recall gavin newsom and if yes then who let's start with the yes or no. Do you think that the yeses are going outnumber the nose. Yes we pulled it a couple of weeks back and we had no ahead by a little bit charlie. But let me leave this with you. The caveat here is that. I thought my share of the you know is part of poland. I thought my share of the white vote was a little bit high california's usually forty five fifty percent tops and did see other pollsters. That had him in the sixties. If you look at who's voting right now. This is why democrats are nervous. The electorate is very white. And it's and it's much older so if if the electorate and we had them at fifth we whites at fifty five but we still had the age breakdown to be pretty young so that could a two point advantage could easily be swamped demographic difference like that the problem newsom has then i was just saying this before he needs white liberals and asian voters to come out and they are the least likely to want to vote. Weitz were over. Eighty percent certain to vote when we pull them And asia voters were in the fifty s. So it. I mean it really. It goes to show you got a close race can turn into a nailbiter either way

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