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Several former Trump Administration officials have been pushed out of positions on military Academy Advisory Board 18 appointees of former president Trump for us to resign from academy boards or were dismissed among them. Retired Army Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, who served on West Point's board, Kellyanne Conway, now removed from the Air Force Academy Board, and Sean Spicer, who was on the Naval Academy Board. Calmly took a swipe at President Biden on Twitter, saying he should reside Spicer's threatening legal action. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the president wants people in military academy boards who are more aligned with his values. Rachel Sutherland. FOXES former President Trump has endorsed Wyoming attorney Harriet Hagemann in a primary challenge against Republican list. Cheney, Cheney has been a vocal opponent of Trump. Workers for a major retailer being paid more but bonuses are going away. WalMart is ending the quarterly my share bonuses for its workers. The benefit, which has existed for decades will end on January 31st. The company says the money will be rolled into associates base pay. WalMart recently raised its starting wage to $12 an hour by later this month, WalMart's average pay will be 16 40, an our WalMart was known for offering bonuses. For workers based on store performance. It's now competing with other companies that pay higher wages. Wal Mart is also offering other perks, including college education, and on the job training. Jeannie Cho sold a Fox News Arizona has gotten into the sports betting business just in time. For the start of the NFL season. Live wages will be taken on college and pro sports, both online and at retail locations in Phoenix. More than half of U. S. States now allow sports betting just three years after it was permitted by the U. S Supreme Court. I'm Lee Silva, Sarah, and this is Fox News. Today telling you Jr traffic and

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