Lessons I Learned After COVID Killed My Conference


The first lesson. I learned is that. Don't use optimism as your guide meaning that you know. We were super optimistic. That we're going to still the conference when we went into lockdown. You know we didn't realize how long lockdown was going to be but It's always good to have a disaster plan. It's funny because i know this in my software company we always have these. What if conversations and Center standard operating procedures. But we need to have the same in the conference we need to think. Hey what if is in happened way before it would give me more time to have options or to Make some changes provide some options to the attendees but basically when i found out we're three weeks out from the conference so i had limited choices to what i can do. Second i learned was. I knew in that moment. The best thing i can do is i need to communicate. I need to communicate with my people. The attendees And i just needed to make sure that they're included in any decision and that i let them know what's going on so they don't feel like they're in the dark. I was very conscious. These people trusted me. They give me their money. I want to make sure that they know that. I got their back and that you know there are some options. I'm looking at when we actually had a discussion on that call before the cancellation was confirmed. Because the accession of lockdown of what are some options. And what. I was pleasantly surprised by how open people were there were like. Hey we totally get it. I understand they're all entrepreneurs zeno how these things happen and They presented some ideas from creative ideas. I didn't think of as alternatives creative ideas in terms of different dates. Different locations Because it became clear that this is not going to happen This oscar will not happen in the winter at least this year because The lockdown will extend past the winter season. So the idea of going skiing together is just not going to happen so by having open communication. Just putting your cards on the table. Hey these are options. This is will happen. This were our monies deposited. What's going on. this is what's happening. It makes it super clear to people to understand all right. These are options. Let's work with

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