New Depths (MM #3824)


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. I've always gone through life trying to get people to benefit the doubt, thinking for the most part were all good people. Of course there is the bad, and sometimes I'm amazed at the depth of that heinousness. The new depths we go to each and every day, and this is specifically talking about the condo collapse outside of Miami, back in late June, where 98 people died when the condominium collapsed. Just the other day saw a news story about criminals trying to steal the identities of people from that Florida condo collapse. Three people were arrested in Florida, accused of trying to steal the identities of 7 victims from that condo collapse and surfside Florida and spending an estimated $45,000 through credit card fraud. They didn't get away with $65,000 worth of credit card fraud, because that's when credit card fraud prevention kicked in. And that's the sad news about the world we live in today. Even in times of tragedy, there are always scammers out there trying to get away with something. I want to think that people are good. I really do. I'm just really sad right now.

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