Chatting With the Authors of 'Change Ringing on Handbells'


My guest today a teen stuck settling and simon gay who are the authors of two volumes of books on changing on handbells the i was published in twenty twenty and the second is imminent. Can you give me an overview of the first book the basic techniques book how it's structured and what it contains it starts right from the beginning and it doesn't assume any knowledge of changing your handbells or even on tower bells. In fact the eddie chapters would also be a good introduction to the basic principles of changing itself. We hope so. It covers everything from how to find set at handbells have about buying handbells to go about finding people to ring with and then it works through the steps in changing starting from played hunting going through playing ball hand other straightforward methods and in the later chapters it gets up to kenton oxford triple major and finally w. so stop short moving onto surprise methods which will remain subject of volume two but it covers everything up to a standard repertoire including surprise methods aka and tina. Was there anything else that you wanted to add about the book. Yes i volume. The book covers territory that quite few other older books on handball ringing cover what i hope our books stands out as is really starting from first principles so you really have to know nothing about changing. And you don't even have to be a bell ringer to pick this book up and learn to ring bells so it really talks about how to find other ringers. What bell ringing is introduces each method in a lot of detail. At the other thing about it is that it has a lot of really guitar grams. Which simon has done a really good graphics program for a so everything is not worthy in the way older bell ringing. Instruction books are so that. Yeah so we definitely want to point it at a wide audience as possible. Do you get feedback on. Who's reading it. mostly people who are already ringers. And that's probably really. We haven't done. Wider marketing of potential audiences are international groups of tune. Bell ringers for example who might want to branch out into other types of ringing. A lot of people have picked up our books through the promotion. You can order a set at emails. Guitar book for discount and a lot of people have picked up their rigging that way. In the lockdown there have been more sales of our book because of the lockdown than might have been

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