Wagering Strategies in Final Jeopardy!


Wanted to talk about a final jeopardy about a week and a half ago right. The one episode. You watch was officially. The season now is on august. Thirteen right right. And there's a guy who's been on it for a while. He's very good right matt man. Yeah it's very knowledgeable. He does rub you a little the wrong way people have. I'm okay twitter and stuff. Just his attitude and my girls don't like it because he never says what is or who is he always says. What's her who's funny. Because you know the answer is you know you can bet on that. He'll say what's you can bet on that. Okay just uses contractual uses contractual. It's he's very kurt me. Does it in his regular speech when he's talking to if you've noticed okay so it's just kind of his attitude. He's just an odd kind of character. Right well tell us about. This city's a bad guy. Okay just a little different to tell us about this final jeopardy you had some. I guess we're talking. But this is a gambling podcasts. Folks so there is some game theory here. maybe. I think you're gonna talk to them. Basically my point is. I'm talking about how emotion plays into how you risk. Okay and we all see that when we gamble when we play craps. I'm very emotional. You're less emotional but you know people are emotional. They even even on slot machines right casino kind of counts on that so sure they get somebody gets down and they'll pull out another hundred because they just sure they can get it back right in the next thing you know. They've lost four hundred instead of the two hundred that they thought they were gonna lose and the casino kind of on that but this episode at the end was particularly fascinating to me and my wife and our daughters we all four watched it and we talked about it for like a half hour after it in. Okay yeah well it came down to final jeopardy met the champion had twenty seven thousand two hundred dollars. Okay and then there was a lady and she had thirteen thousand six hundred so exactly exactly how going into final jeopardy. So that doesn't happen too right and she was actually a very good player. Okay she had actually been in the lead ahead of him at one point but then she got a double jeopardy question wrong and she lost a bunch of money and so she ended up with exactly. Half of the third contestant was virtually out of the pitch right he had like twenty four hundred dollars. He had a very small amount. I mean the only way he could actually win as if they both busted and that wasn't going to happen because then would would have to bet at all right now if you haven't watched he's a little aggressive not like james wholesaler was in that he'll bets it all every time but the first time he gets a double jeopardy he bets it all okay. The second time usually he has a big lead and so he'll just bet a smaller amount like two thousand or something. Okay sure so you know. He strategizes pretty well and he's very sure of himself because he's a good player so it gets down to the final question. I don't remember what the question it was a question. We won't go into it. Was it was a question that had three possible answers and you had to come up with two of them to the right right. And so based on their bedding strategy we assumed that this woman would bet at all right because if she gets it right she double surmount she has the same as him yes and then. We assumed that he would bat some amount less than half will. Why wouldn't you just zero zero. It would be tie and now that's a legitimate mood. That's what i would have thought. Then he has to face her in a one question playoff and it really comes down to. Who's quicker with the buzzer. No i understand that. But if he gets anything right and wrong and she gets it right he ludens right. So but i can understand him not betting zero because she was very quick with the buzzer. Because he was a very good contestant and he might have thought. Look i need to beater now. Because i might not beat her in. You know the one question because it really boils down to that. That tiebreaker is just who's quicker with the buzzer. Okay all right. So i see what you're saying. Is this since this is not a time based thing right you know you have plenty of time to write your answer and everyone can answer right. And he's confident. So this is the category i thought. Okay i know enough about this category or whatever so all right really bad but it turns out she did bed at all and she missed it right so she ended up with zero zero but then what was interesting to me is in he. Bet one dollar okay. So if he bets one dollar and gets it wrong and she by chance had gotten it right he would lost if he that's one dollar and she gets it wrong whether he gets it right or wrong. These still wins right. So why wouldn't he bet like two thousand or three thousand only a dollar. And that's what we talked about roy who i do l. dollars thousand doesn't make any difference. Because he gets a wrong he loses. Gets a righty wins. Yeah right if she gets it right if he gets it wrong loses if he she gets it right he gets it right. He wins if she gets it wrong. He wins anyway doesn't matter what he bet. Okay so and so. I'm sorry to interrupt you but you know the more i'm thinking about it. Now is yeah. Why didn't he like thirteen thousand. Something like that right. Because that's money in his wallet right. That's my point. I mean why we a- dollar why we need that two thousand five thousand five. He could have bet money good about thirteen thousand five hundred ninety nine ninety right. I mean easily could have done that and he's still would've won. Yeah if you're right. He gets way more money okay. And he's pretty aggressive guy as his play shows but he only a dollar and my wife immediately turned to me and said because his personality it's more satisfying to win by dollar than to win by ten

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