Charles Barkley Calls out Rich Paul and Klutch Sports for Manipulating the NBA


Clutches able to come up with a solution to this that gets darryl what he needs. That gets them to a place that he'd like to be in an doesn't adversely impact the sixers fortunes in the east. And you know helps other players along the way. I keep hearing like weird names. Cleveland might have an angle minnesota's by favorite getaway any of their assets the minnesota in sacramento ones. Have that kind of logic of of those Folks in those offices have history with daryl. So you know that there they can have conversations and there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for the sixers do a goddamn thing before training camp before the season starts is the best thing about this before the trade deadline. I mean i think that they're well positioned to just chill for a bit. Here's what barkley said on the mike mass analysis show. He's talked about clutch. Was you know how that group works. They try to trade their players to where they want to anthony davis. They had better deals from boston. Maybe even new york. They're like no he's gonna play with. Lebron is not gonna play. They just bullied. The league team. Got to stand up and say i paid your guy. He can't bully me a trade him and meet and have me take some trash back. I'm hoping somebody in the sixers organization got some stones barkley said we have not seen a team degan before and the quick thing you know. There's a persecution complex of them look for so amid this point the most powerful agent is always the least popular agent. David falk in the nineties was basically presented as the anti christ and blame for every bad thing that happened the league in the nineties. Scott boras same thing in baseball. Everybody had scott boras when you're the top agent near attached to the top guy and you're swinging elbows and get clydes what you want and do all that stuff. You're gonna take shit. I don't like some of the stuff they do at the same time. This is a referendum on them right. What how much power do they actually have. Because in this case philly has no trade.

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