Canadian Sentenced to 11 Years in China in Spying Case Tied to Huawei


Court has jailed a Canadian businessman for 11 years for spying in the case that's caused a major rift between the two countries. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said the sentence given to Michael Sparber was unjust and absolutely unacceptable. More from Robin brand. The court in Dandong in the north of China sentenced him to 11 years in jail, adding that he will also be deported, although it didn't clarify when the latter would happen. Mr Speaker ran a business in the city just on the border with North Korea, where he organized cultural visits. He was arrested in the days after the Huawei executive men Guangzhou was detained in Canada accused of fraud. Her extradition battle is expected to come to a head soon. The Canadian authorities insist the cases are linked Accusing China of hostage diplomacy. It's something Beijing has denied.

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