The Miracle Balm From Jones Road Is This Summer's Best Makeup

Gloss Angeles


To my surprise and delight the jones road. Instagram people reached out to me. And said hey kirby we would love to send you like a care package of jones road products. My god they reached out to me too and i did not respond. Sell me on it. I was like jumping for joy. I was literally about ashikari. And just by it myself. Because i think the hero product out of all of it is this product called the miracle bomb. They sent me a kit so right now on the website. They have a kit like a summer. Kit were. There's like four or five products put together for you in smaller packaging so you can kind of get a taste alive that thing without having to like fully die then you know. That's like one of the things. I think i miss about beauty counters and from like the os in the nineties is like shopping at clinic and then they gave you like a little sampler travel bag gift with purchase. I loved those. Yes yes so this miracle bomb. This is the all natural shade. It's point three. Oh ounces okay. So compared to the one point seven six ounce that like is the big mama. It's a little bit smaller. But it's so much product in a tiny little jar and i was so excited to get on my face. So what does the miracle bomb. It is the secret of no makeup makeup. Bobby likes to say it's a wash of soft focus moisture to perfect it enhance the skin so this is a true bomb when you put it on your skin like on your cheek or on your nose. It has more of a matte. Finish matt but it's more soft focus. It's not super do we or shiny like some people may expect from a ball guests. It is a true bomb. And i love the soft focus. Because what does that mean. It means your pores you're gonna look less prominent sometimes with highlighter. When you put it on the bridge of your nose or for me especially. It's like hello pours. Yeah out in about with this. You take a little bit with If you have a spatula or like the end of your your makeup brush you take it out of the jar and warming up in your hands and then kinda dab it on your

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