Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Including Employees, New York Attorney General Finds


Andrew cuomo's in desperate need of a A new pr agent. I don't know what he's going to do. He denied it again. He's doubling down. You saw what happened. I mean he's under criminal investigation. And i'm not sure he might not get arrested. The attorney general yesterday was breaking during our show. We reported it as breaking news. New york governor andrew cuomo big harassment. Cereal harasser inappropriate behavior hostile workplace environment. You know everything that he is said to have done. Gets you fired anywhere else. I mean there's just no way around that your workplace you work in an office. Did you used to work in an office. You understand what he did would get you arrested or me arrest. Forget fired getting fire would be the least of your problems to consider all of these all of these allegations that the new york attorney general. This is not some fly by night private. Investigators the attorney general the state of new york democrat but teasha. James big ashwin. Yesterday he did it. We investigated extensively. And this guy did it.

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