The 1960s Pirates: The Fight to Keep Pop Music Alive



Gale-force winds off the coast of england choppy waves phone blowing and streaks across the water and a small group of pirate ships that have been fighting to stay afloat and are about to lose radio london present their one hour these are pirates of a particular kind less sword fighting and treasure hunting more spinning records and dancing late into the night for the past few years a handful of votes have made it their mission to broadcast popular music from international waters. Because the bbc won't play much pop. And this is the sixties. The people wanna hear it you. This was always just barely legal and now the government has put its foot down tonight at the stroke of midnight. These pirate radio deejays will become criminals. Several boats have already given up and today the last possible day. The first to stop broadcasting is radio london. Time is three of talk radio. London is now closing down. The next to drop is radio. Two seven oh so named for the frequency that at amazon in their final hours. They have a rough go of it. The bad weather prevents most of the. Dj's for making it out to the boat so they have to record their farewell messages from the shore. Helicopter pilot agrees to drop a package of tapes on board the ship. So the dj's who are on board can play them but he misses and the tapes plunge into the water plus two seven has some technical difficulties after jellyfish get sucked in with the water. That's supposed to cool the generators but their final broadcast is poignant nonetheless role we have exactly exactly sixty seconds left. So i haven't said migrant boys yes well. You already know my sentiments. I'm gonna miss you one hell of a lot right before midnight. Real truth is now closing down.

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