An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim

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All right so let's get started re-re. Can you read into in minutes in this novel. America is in the grip of deadly flu. Pandemic when frank catches the virus. His girlfriend polly will do whatever it takes to save him. Even if it means risking everything when she finds out there's a company that has invent a time travel she agrees to a radical contract if she signs up for a one way trip into the future to work as a bonded laborer. The company will pay for the life saving treatment. Frank needs polly promises to meet frank again in galveston texas where she will arrive in twelve years but when polly is rerouted an extra five years into the future. Frank is nowhere to be found alone transformed and divided america with no status. No money paulie must navigate a new life and find a way to locate frank determine if he is alive and if they're love has endured so i was pretty surprised for a time travel novel. It was said in the past because a when you travel into the future. It's like a time period that we haven't Experience in in real life but the future in this book is two thousand two. Yeah it was actually took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that this takes place in an alternate timeline. It's a u Of our timeline were a mutated flu. Pandemic sweeps nation slashed the world and Nothing like her times. Nothing nothing like what's happening right now. The united states. That was the thing i was like. This book came out in twenty eighteen. And you know when people were reading it it was like oh this is what life would be like if a pandemic hit. You know. it's like an all but but now that we are living through a pandemic and we have been living through on for the past like year and like whatever buns almost two years at this point. we're just like yeah like a lot of similarities and a lot of

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