How The Mighty Cuomo Dynasty Has Fallen


Wonder how new yorkers who have adored andrew cuomo are feeling now how about new yorkers who supported the cuomo dynasty. i mean there's you know he's part of a dynasty. You got. Mario cuomo his famous father. You got the famous brother on cnn. I mean the cuomo's wow they're they're lefty royalty they're just democrat royalty. Aren't they wonder. What what mario cuomo would be shane. The great michael goodwin had some thoughts about that. The pulitzer prize winning columnist. Curtis does as well here on line. Three hey curtis welcome how you doing. Hey mark how you doing good. Good prayers go out to your son. Trevor thank you very much curtis. We all appreciate that our family. Thanks you very very much. I grew up in new york. Mario was the best governor state ever had on. Always talked about him. Said how good he was to the state of new york. But how can he the nipple piercing governor legs so stupid. How can you be so stupid to do that. You're telling it's it's arrogance why you know it's a good question and let's focus on that for a minute. How do these famous people think they can get away with those things. Maybe it's because they always have and they think they always will. But you know i. I don't know. I don't know how famous people get away with what they get away with.

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