A highlight from 37: Promo Palace LLC Vlog 37 - The Importance of S.E.O & Search Engine Ads


Podcast you google podcast or you can go to apple google spotify amazon odyssey cashbox. I are planning their podcast addict. Addicott chaser stitcher to court. Okay martha imports of seo. Google searches as now this one really pertains more to this is brands than it does. Musicians is seo. doesn't really work too well for a music. Artists has now is try to go after lie job raise and stuff like that about the or just days edges to competitive and they would as the always as you know depending on your budget you know unless you got massive budget. You know like you want to go after typically like medium competitive level keywords. This idea of going out on the high level capena keywords is not really always a smart approach persona keywords. Just they'll take so much budget fairly gif our states. You know google so typically the media was better low competition wizard good as long as they got decent search fire so you like you to the keywords has volume but video competition level you know and as a business brand you wanna check you wanna try to target as many keywords. You can't at really fit with. Seo is seo really work out. Your website has to be optimized properly night usually the two main heroes at Go for you want that to be somewhere in the title your website and description and he would section you know and as they like just paste in keywords on your site in hewer section doesn't work you're going to have. He was descriptions as well and a titles now. Seo's really using that. With a lot of back lanes you know The higher the patriot to be we a better. That website is back lanes Like a lot of high delay. The door recites of life wordpress blogger. Stuff like that is where press has a page rank of nine from upstate. Log as a paycheck eighty seven. You know so to higher the patriot value. Will that it. Oh sad is for a backley. It typically the way back links where is it. Oh like whatever. The law poses about a dozen typically at a any sense typically. What had he words center that you're targeting and those will be hyperlinked to a specific website so that'd be back when you got so many different evenings due to follow leaks as many makes and every business in brand of you really trying to you know get i face. I face up. Excuse me i page google. Seo's one of the biggest ways to do it. You know a lot of people. Are they offer just local businesses. I mean that's cool but most people when they go to search digs out they don't go directly to a local business listing site. You know most people commonly just go to google like any time you know. Somebody doesn't know something and they asked me something. No i usually tell goo google even if i know it most is how talent to google because he was so lazy. What to ask about things you know. So yeah google search engine is no. It's now who really can't five not. It'd be out you know. Every day is pretty much down so searches. seo's very important very very important Surprise

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