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The new york concert new york back as central park. Did you guys see that. Il il j busta rhymes. You saw junior fat joe. It was good okay. It was good. Everyone was out there they vaccinated it was mandatory for them to be vaccinated vaccinated. Yeah and i saw don lemon on stage taking a cell phone with all those people so we wanna shop them out. We know that new york has gotten hitting a little bit from anri the hurricane and it was bad weather before the concert remember when diana ross performance central was right this the guy who wrote with us on the steve harvey show named christie was wanted to rise. Show so shouts out. Yeah we love new york. We love the big. Oh that's an open. The age ready ready to play. You wanna see some plays as thank you love coupon. Yeah all right time now for my strawberry letter for today and if you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter. Steve harvey fm dot com and click submit. Strawberry lutts probably could be here. That that's probably we could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're gonna read this one right here right now. Buckle up and hold on tight we got it for you hit. It is strawberry letter subject. Is it number. One or number two. Stephen shirley i a twenty nine year old single woman and i've been dating a twenty nine year old man for four years. We have an on and off relationship and we broke up over a year ago and he met a chick and she fell in love with him quickly. He said it was just casual sex when he and i decided to get back together. She wouldn't stop bothering us. She causes problems in our relationship all the time and one night. She went to his house drunks though he made her some coffee and let her sleep on his couch. He told me she snuck into his bed in the middle of the night. And they have sex from that one encounter. She ended up getting pregnant and he felt pressured to marry her. A few weeks later. I found out i was pregnant too and he hit me with the news that he was marrying this other. Chick's he said it was just for the baby. I asked him what about our baby and if that meant that she is number one and i was number two. He said it wasn't that simple and asked me to give him some time. He was all excited when he found out. I was having a boy. He said he wanted our son to be named after him. That made me hopeful that we'd be a family one day soon. She had her baby two weeks before i did. And he called to tell me it was the boy and that his son is named after him so we would have to find another name for my son. I told him. I did not ever want to speak to him again. And when my son was born. I texted him to let him know and he didn't reply. It's been weeks. And i haven't heard from him. I don't understand how he chose her and her baby over us. I have made sure his wife has seen my son since he looks just like his. Daddy how did i go from being number one to number two not being in his life at all. Oh my goodness this. This hurts my heart right here stuff like this because i really really really want my sister's in these disrespectful crazy relationships see get it. You gotta take a step back and look at what's really going on and what's been going on for four years of your life. You were with someone who did not claim you first of all. You should never have to ask this question. Are you number one and number two because if you have to ask that means you're you're number. You're neither one okay. That's right you are now not now nor have you ever been number one okay. He doesn't treat you like number one he's never treated you like number one. You said the relationship was often on to begin with and while you're off he got with someone else. This is over a year ago and he has a real relationship with them. How do we know all of this. Because he was married her all these things. He named their son after him. All you have is a sexual relationship with him. I i mean you know that's it. And how do we know this because you got pregnant So now is the time for you to realize that he's been lying to you all along and that his future does not include you period. It just does not it never really has except for you know when you guys were on. And he came over to have sex with you So at this point you need to stop worrying about being his number one or even his number two and you've got to put yourself number one. Okay you need to be number one to yourself. Respect yourself get your self esteem ups. Don't let any man or 'em or anyone else treat you like this and and take this man to court and get some child support. You're going to have to move on with your life okay. 'cause he's married to her. That's it all right saami i don't think you a number one on number two. I think he just somebody to just made some crazy crazy decisions. That didn't go well for you. This brand here. He won't you he didn't. You should know that by now right. He won't you. i hope he doesn't take. I hope he takes care of his child. Well here's what i didn't understand. I didn't understand this that this girl went by. Here's how he gained hustle coffee and let now eight copy supposed to keep you up. We're yeah no coffee keep you. That's why i was up in the middle of the night. That's

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