A highlight from The Collapse of Afghanistan


Hey pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy ask the fourth american treasury tra- preside over warrant afghanistan to democrats to republicans. I will not pass this response responsible. Fifth president i will not mislead the american people by claiming the just a little more time in. Afghanistan will make all the difference nor will i shrink from my share responsibility for where we are today and how we must move forward from here. I am president of the united states of america. And the buck stops with me. Kind of murphy. Kind of the buck stops with him. I thought you know he. He made a persuasive case on why he felt. We should get out of afghanistan. He didn't make very Persuasive presentation about how we or getting out of afghanistan and the serb dessel tori way. Were getting out of it And so this is such a big thing this story that we had to all get together and bring brother gibbs in as well. yeah now. this is an al-haq sun deck Situation near look. I think he broke. I thought the speech was mediocre and clumsy. He broke the first rule of presidential big moment. Emergency speeches which is the key point. You gotta make should not be so far into the speech that have some listeners. Holding their breath they will be dead by the time it comes around so this should have started with him taking responsibility for this moment on his watch then he can back up and litigate. The bigger question of should we be in afghanistan why he accepted the trump plan to to pull out. But but there there needed to be much more ownership at the front and he punted on that made the whole speech defensive and political and i think he hurt his case. He's the situation where he needs to make a better case. It'd be a good moment early on the show disagree. I think we all agree that the withdraw particularly what we've seen over the past. Several months highlighted in the past week has been polit I i don't even say that there was a lack of planning. Because i'm not even sure there was a planning It doesn't look like it. I thought the speech was effective because while there are a lot of pictures right now about the withdraw to be the more important thing and the more politically salient thing is the idea. That biden has long wanted to get out of there believed the idea of nation building that you could create some civil society in a democracy and have a security force that protected all of it was a giant fantasy and that is what quite frankly. Most of the people in america agree with him on. So i thought i wish he would have taken more responsibility. He got to it And maybe that earlier in the speech. But i thought the both important part of the speech was to reiterate that we can't be there any lauck jet look i think. He scored on that I i you know. And i thought we can go through some of the some of the clips And we should of him making that case but the thing that people were watching on television. The thing that we're experiencing right now And it may. This moment may pass they. May you know although it seems pretty. Clear that if you're not a at the airport in in kabul right now you may be. Sol in terms of getting out of the country You know but so to not to not say you know. I said yesterday On the tube. That jeff k after the bay of pigs said Victory has a thousand fathers Defeat is an orphan. I am the responsible officer of this government. And you know what he actually benefited from that politically he. His numbers went up. Because people say there's a guy taking responsibility and so you know he was biden was a a he was. The buck stopped at his desk on the decision. Which i you know we can we. Should we should talk about that. I think it was the right decision politically. i think. It was the right decision on policy difficult though it it may be but he was a buck passer when it came to the The way in which this all came down. And you know it was trump's fault it was the Afghans foul all which was true but it happened on his watch. Any stood up in front of the country in april and said. This isn't how it was going to go down yet did succeed. This speech has to be as to talk about afghanistan. But it's about him in this moment and that's where opening the speech by owning up in a clear noninvasive way would have done a lot of good instead he's going. I agree of gibbs. He he's going to the poll numbers which are yeah. People wanna be out of afghanistan some forty or civil war. We've been there for twenty years. We have a huge pile of leadership failures. There i might add. We have thousands of aerobic americans who fought an absolute guide and bled there and they deserve nothing. But i respect because none of this failure was. There's it was the boys. At the top with the stars on the shoulders and oval offices and experts national security end in the intelligence community who had a multi year. Screw up. and there's some good histories coming out. There's a new one in particular And so by needed to own his part of it which is right now because somebody decided not to fortify kabul before somebody side to trust the taliban And we were unprepared and you know. That's the buck stops with them tag. That on the end of the speeches and also ran. That should have been the lead in that. That was his mistake. And this thing politically. It's not it's bad now. those are those are jimmy. Carter helicopter crash benghazi images on steroids but the futures. What's really going to determine because this you know biden. This guy ran as i've been around foreign policy for forty five years. I know what to do. His narrative is now being shoved over to the former defense secretary biden critic gates version of.

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