Christians Are Being Persecuted and Driven out of the Middle East


Talk to us about the situation in the middle east the flip side of the global war on terror that really isn't adequately discussed either. What has happened in syria. In in other parts of the middle east like iraq in the last twenty years since september the eleventh at the tarnow the twentieth century across the middle east we had approximately twenty plus percent christians that were living in various pockets. Lebanon has right now per capita the largest christian community but you had him living in iraq. You had him living in syria In turkey and whatnot well as we progress through the twentieth century with the various wars and the uptake. In some of these terror groups christians began to leave and larger numbers Since the war in syria for example in two thousand eleven when it started there were three million christians living inside syria. Today we have less than two hundred fifty thousand take iraq for example in mosul. You have the tomb of jonah. The prophet joan on you have to of the minor prophets name. All of a planes is well known in the bible. So these are all old jewish and christian lands and Christians are being driven out Left and right not only by sunni radicals but also by shiite radicals why because iran wants controlled. They want that fertile crescent. Go an open door from modern day. Iran in through iraq syria all the way out lebanon. So in this in this divide you've got a sunni shia clashes and and and in these clashes. Not only. are they fighting each other. But they're also pushing the christians out. The christians always take the brunt of everything

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