New Report Says Hunter Biden Demanded $2 Million From Libya


Very serious story With broke yesterday on Business Insider broken incredible story about Hunter Biden again I say incredible because it's not incredible What's incredible about this story is if the media would have done their job before the 2020 election where remember that poll in November of 2020 one in 6 voters would have changed their vote if they knew the level of corruption from the Biden family and hunters deals Remember that poll Well this story Business Insider which is covered by Fox as well At Hunter Biden is alleged now to have tried to scam Libya out of $2 million too to try to get some funds Libya had locked up released Clearly trying to pay Hunter Biden who is a grifter for access to his dad to get money's Libya felt they were owed released so they were going to give 2 million to hunter according to the Business Insider report Now what's incredible about the story What's incredible about the story is it's totally not incredible And if the media would have done their jobs back in 2020 before the election when they knew Hunter Biden was running a huge grift scam campaign with his corrupt loser dad sitting in The White House now It's likely the election would have turned down not just differently but far differently Joe Biden likely would have lost this race in a landslide But because the media worked with the intelligence agency to hide this valuable information from the public because they are corrupt they effectively rigged rigged rigged left he's like you're not allowed to say that You don't tell me what we're allowed to say You can stick that up your wazoo We say what we want and we speak the truth It is now clear as day that the FBI tried to rig the 2016 election with the Hillary Clinton campaign In fact fact the verdict is in Fact the gavels

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