What Can College Students Do to Save the Country?


Get asked all the time at these events. Charlie what can i do to save the country and these are people that are asking their fifty or sixty or seventy years. Old united salam. I say you need to be as courageous as are turning point. Usa students are on campus. I say you need actually stick your neck out and be really willing to lose something to do the right thing and you have to understand what's happening on these campuses where you are is the center of everything that is happening in the country as many of you know not exactly a fan of most colleges across the country but they're so incredibly important for charting the future and the cultural direction so for example when a professor starts to spout out all these terrible ideas on blm or systemic racism white privilege. How many have professors like that all the time. Of course you do what do you do. You have then all of a sudden you have to ask yourself a question. Which is the most important question that a lot of uganda ask in the next year. Which is this do. I challenge this professor and record this professor while. I challenge them and put at risk. Your great now. This is the question. Isn't it which is do you take a bold step to try to do what you know is right even though you might pay a price or consequence for that now. A lot of you've already made that decision. How many of you are like. I don't care i'm going to do the right thing now. Not every hand goes up because some people like. I don't know i might actually lie right. That the greatest thing ever and that there's unlimited amount of genders whatever and now. I'm not saying there's a right or wrong answer to this right because my friend and i respect him a lot ben. Shapiro has a different opinion on this. He thinks that grades of the most important thing you know lying. Your way through college is important. My belief is different. I would rather have a generation of courageous students. Then a bunch of a student nerds that lied their way through college. So they'll get a good grade. I would rather have a generation of young people that are stepping up and doing the right

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