Clay Clark on the Bill Gates Patent Number and Its Relevance to COVID-19


Folks talking to clay clark. He is the person who organized the reawaken america tour. Clay you sharing some stuff. You talk fast. I want my audience to get what you're saying because this is it's a lot for people to take in. There's there's a real learning curve on this stuff and it's it's it's tough to hear some of what you're saying so tell us about the If it's important about the cryptocurrency. Because i don't get that kept ownership will get this. Okay so the word corona mathematically is six six six. Okay numerically fan. You said that might be. What's the was these statistical probability of that. I don't know the you look up. The bill gates patent w zero two zero two zero zero six zero six zero six. Just type it into google or duck duck. Oh and it is a human body activity associated. Abstract says human body activity associated with the task provided to a human user may be used in a mining process of cryptocurrency. A server may provide a task to the device of a human user which is communicated ably coupled to a server a sensor communicating coupled or to compromised in the comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Now gets fun. body activity. data may be generated based on the body activity. User the crypto currency system communicate ably coupled to the device of the human user may verify if the body activity satisfies wonder more conditions set by the crypto currency awards cryptocurrency. Thus make it pop making it possible for no man to buy or sell unless they had what you just said that i mean we can forget about the corona and the six six. What you just said is frightening.

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