Haiti's Troubled History May Slow Aid to Earthquake Victims


Cova churning through haiti amid everything else the past and recent traumas reverberating throughout the haitian community right here in massachusetts joining us a line. Talk about this girly adrian. She's the first haitian american female city council at large for the city of everett. Counselor adrian. welcome back. And sorry under these circumstances in warren and jam cam marjorie. Thinking morning counselor. Thanks again thanks again for joining us so before we talk a little bit about the huge community. In in everett and elsewhere massachusetts comes juno anymore last week. Read about twelve hundred. People had been killed close to six thousand hurt. Thirteen thousand homes lost to know any more about what's happened there. What may be happening with your friends and family there. Yes so as you guys know. This has been personal. My family members are there you know. One of my family members call yesterday. Said they were sleeping on the floor on top of rocks. Because you know. The whole god dismantled apart and three people sadly died The good thing is you know my family members Some of them didn't make it safely. So they're okay but we're wearing contact every single day when my mom or my family members are calling from haiti through. What's on literally like stuck on my phone just waiting for those phone calls you. One of the things that i heard last night was that because their infrastructure issues and parts of haiti particularly with this location being roughly eighty miles from puerto prints that they're real problems in terms of search and rescue and that sort of thing. Is that your understanding. Also counselor so is small countryside town called okay. that's where my family is from. And it's you know just to get there right because it's not the capitol hill just to have access to bring supplies or medical hospitals are overfilled and there's just so much damage right I'm just trying to call people

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