Masai Ujiri Gets New Deal as Vice Chairman/President of Toronto Raptors

The Jump


And reporting this front office news. Missile jerry will in fact return to the raptors with the title of vice chairman. Presidents masai won the title of course in two thousand nineteen pulling off the daring one year trade for quiet. Panned out zack. How big is this for the raptors. He was the biggest free agent potentially on the market other hawaii leonard. It's a huge deal. I mean this guy is the architect of a championship team. He has an incredible rapport with players. Incredible amount of respect around the league. You can get in a room with anyone any free agent any potential radio whatever and and more than that the raptors. Earning a transitional period. Where kyle gone. They have to decide a bunch of different things about what direction they want to go to. And you want to have everyone who's been there through it all in the room making those decisions especially the guy who has the hammer for those decisions of. That's masai

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