A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on BAR Words


Being welcome to another episode of the trivia with butts podcast. I'm your host ryan buds. Thanks checking out the show. And thanks for leaving. Itunes reviews were up to three hundred nine trying to hit four hundred by the end of the year. That's a little under three months. I think we can do it if you like the show. And you've never left a review. Go to the podcast app on your phone on your iphone or go to itunes in some way and leave a review and tell people what you like about the show that helps get more eyes and ears on the show and everything just keeps growing. We have about. I would say on average fifteen hundred downloads. A day on this show Sometimes people ask me some throwing that out there and we do about forty thousand downloads. A month and we're at one point five million overall which is very very cool just in case. You wanted to hear some stats. I just finished brooklyn nine nine the entire series with my family and boy what a great show. If you didn't watch the last season of brooklyn it is very funny. And the last three episodes of that series in that season i think are three of my favorite episodes of the show of all time. So if you have not caught up in brooklyn. I highly suggest you do. I got one season of letterkenny left. And i just read that. They're doing a spin off called shores -i about the offscreen or like you only hear the voice for the most part character of short-sea if you know that show so that'll be kind of cool and i am excited because on hbo. Max there's a ton of new documentaries. That looked interesting and a lot of good horror stuff. And i think this week. I'm going to watch return the living dead. Which i've never seen came out. The euro's born eighty-five looks insane and references. The movie night of the living dead within the movie. But there's a zombie attack. It looks very funny. i. I've never seen it but if you have you know what you think of return living debt. We have ten questions for you. I'm bar words. We're gonna jump into right now here. We go bar words. All your answers will start with b. a. r. Here's number one housing. First soldiers number one. What is that word starts with b.

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