A highlight from Mistletoe & Menorahs (Lifetime - 2019)

Deck The Hallmark


There's no doubt about that Don't you like christmas. I mean come on. Yeah you need to pick it up into is a big day working just sitting here on a monday sandwiched between the release of our book. Nationwide worldwide and bramble fits the first ever brand fest. So what a day. It is to talk about a lifetime. That's exactly right mistletoe. Minorities felt like the perfect. If anything is going to get us from point eight point see we. That's gonna be the be. Yeah what would be bbb Mistletoe minorities how can we talk about it. We dive in. They'll do it. Originally aired on december seventh twenty nineteen was it the first day of hanukkah. Maybe i don't know you know. I don't think it was actually i think if i remember right hanukkah was later that year can you tell us i am looking at. It was a sunday december. Twenty second to monday december three. It was a late start because they did a double holiday. A holiday moved back a week. And if i recall right to upon That's right because they listen almer gets it. They get a lifetime was just like audi nineteen homework especially got. That's exactly right This was right around the time. Zola happen to time was a hotbed. That's right we were in it. Yes we were in it man man man. I understand what what is going on. Homework is just a dream of mine to work on. like i. just the whole scandal of hallmark justed. We really should. We gotta work on it. You gotta get something together. Because i mean i know we are. We have clips clips like getting something else a little more. Mistletoe minority dog audio. It's absurd doing free to go to waste would be crime. It's it was weird. That's why they had so many dog whistles around did it. Yes sir thing. What i'm talking about is me originally aired on december seven twenty nineteen in the win a little something like this christie's a hotshot dealmaker who loves sweets christmas and i guess her dumb boyfriend peter. She's pitching to a guy named mr burger. Is that his name. Yeah and They bond over their love of the holidays. He's like hey. You should come to my holiday party on christmas eve pitch to the board. It'll be great and she's like guesses sounds like so much fun until she finds out that it's not about christmas. He loves hannukah. What this is crazy knowing. Nothing about hanukkah. Her friend is like hey. I have one jewish friend that i can introduce you to. Maybe he can teach you a thing or two so she goes to have coffee with a guy and she orders an annoying drink. This guy behind makes fun of her turns out. That's the guy that she's supposed be meeting classic. His name's jonathan. He apologized for being a jerk. Face offers to help her with her hanukkah project and exchange for her helping him learn about christmas to impress his girlfriend. Jonathan takes christie to get her first minora and gives her a real lesson on the history of hanukkah which she has never heard any piece of this story ever before to teach jonathan about christmas. Christie takes him to tinseltown of place that she cares about that. She can't believe he's never heard of. It's a shop with christmas ornaments and fruitcake. He's surprised fruitcakes. Not bad and i could think about. Was the lecture alonzo. Gave you weeks ago cakes. Bat coming back. It's coming back lifetimes on the precipice of this Fruitcake asong we see that. Peter's kind of the worst. Jonathan sees that as well he tells christy. Hey peters the worst you guys are on different paths. You should but i get out of there and he's like i'm who gave you for like who are you to tell me so she leaves. She gets out of there. She's mad at him. His girlfriend ends up breaking up with him kristie. Sorry to hear that but we all know. She's not sorry to hear that she's working on a new toy in that toy is a stockbroker to haul that teaches you about investing people. Keep telling her. That's a good idea. They keep telling her that's a good idea. Thumbs up eight is the night of mr burgers hanukkah party and christie Breaks up with peter beforehand. And he's just kind of like well the games on sol. Talk to you later. No problem and so she goes over to jonathan's house and ends up asking him if he wants to go and They he gets a sued and they almost kiss under mistletoe.

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