A highlight from Balmains Olivier Rousteing on Authentic Representation


Pay later enterprise was important for me to do this documentary and two as well show to people that days one side of fashion that you see but beyond any passionated human being at on struggle. What i want you to do during the day to make sure that there was awareness of the brand so my first step was to create a strong community of people. Listening to the name of i had been what they call a bail or controversial but i never been really controversial. I watched the one that wants to integrate pop culture in my fashion. Hi this is imran. Ahmed founder and ceo of the business of fashion. A welcome to the bureau of podcast. It's friday august twentieth. Olivier roosting was named bao mass creative director ten years ago when he was still only in his mid twenties but roosting who is adopted as a child and grew up believing he was mixed race parentage says he always felt like he was performing a role too in amongst the french fashion elite recently he decided to try and find his birth parents to give him a greater understanding of his identity and allowed a documentary crew film the process the resulting film wonderboy came out last year and arrived on netflix. In june in the process roosting discovered his somalian and ethiopian heritage and the experiences made him want to be more open about his identity. This week

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