KSFO Traffic, Cesar Chavez And North Beyond discussed on Michael Savage


A look at KSFO traffic in San Francisco on the Cesar Chavez off brand from north Beyond 2 80. It's a stalled dump truck blocking the ramp bridge painting on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge continues on East 80 between the centre, Anchorage and your boy in a tunnel. The left lane is closed. And that's causing a backup, starting on 1 to 1 at Cesar Chavez, and that continues right onto the center. Anchorage as you're heading out of San Francisco, your total drive time between San Francisco and the toll flat in Oakland will take you a little over a half hour in Berkeley, the University Avenue on and off ramps from westbound 80 are closed until two o'clock as crews are working to remove a homeless encampment. San Jose. A couple of stalls just cleared from the center divider on North Bound 85 before Santa Teresa Boulevard in Santa Rosa. The left lane is blocked for gas line work until three that crouton on one at Todd Road with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Sunday. Sunday Sunday It's the savings event of the season. Progressives HOME and auto Bundle X Travel FASTER, SAFER HEART Your chance to save big by bundling your home and auto insurance, but only this Sunday, Sunday Sunday

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