Eric and Dr. Jeannie Constantinou Discuss Drifting in Religion


I'm talking to you genius. Guerrillas constantinou also known as jeannie constantino the author of a an exciting book called thinking orthodox understanding and acquiring the orthodox christian. Mind so jeannie before we get into the deeper stuff. There's so much here You were just saying something. That i've i've talked about this endlessly over the years i as i think i shared with you. I'm you know i was raised. In the greek orthodox church and i sort of drifted away never consciously. I don't think people drift consciously but i drifted unconsciously into a kind of agnostic. Whatever ism i coined that term alvin. Write that down. Because we're gonna know but it's kind of funny that. I think that that happens to a lot of people who grew up. In the greek orthodox church is just kind of a cultural thing and then you kind of drift off and mary. Whomever and part of what's fascinating to me. Is that when you have what. I call any kind of ethnic christianity. The problem is that you can very easily focus on the ethnic part. So this is where the greeks hang out. We hang out in the church and as a result of that you're not thinking evangelist thinking about the fact that most people in this community or outside the greek church are secular. They're not so you can sort of lose something. I think that's part of the tragedy of what i think of his ethnic orthodox christianity in america's you forget that you're sending these kids like me into a deeply secular devotedly secular world and you kind of assumed that you know everybody in the audio is greek. But of course you're no longer in the. Aw that's right the word what. Y'all means village a just for your audie heads. That's right well. The fact is you're talking about your. Your experience is like many people but not just in the orthodox church. The same thing could be could be set did happen to lutherans. When they were earlier in the century when there were young german lutheran parishes versus swedish lutheran parishes or catholic cherishes. That were italian or polish. Or something like this. So we're definitely in that transition stage where we're having to really remind people that this is not about being greek and you don't have to be great or russia to be an orthodox christian orthodoxy is all over. The

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