A highlight from Guantanamo Bay, Part Two: The Future


From ufo's psychic powers government conspiracies history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the stuff. They don't want you to know a production of iheart breeding. Hello welcome back to the show. My name is matt. My name's knoll. They call me ben. We're joined us. Always with our super producer. Paul mission control deck. And most importantly you are you. You are here not makes this the stuff. They don't want you to new welcome back. In the first part of our series. We explored the history of guantanamo bay including these centuries. Long obsession that so many four empowers have had with controlling it and as we said no. We're previous episode for most of the world. Today the word guantanamo no longer describes just that southern bay and harbour area in the nation of cuba. The word instead means one and one thing only the world's most notorious prison so now we're diving into the deep water. What's going on in gitmo. Here are the facts. So for many many people in the us and across the planet this detention center occupies a strange nebulous dodgy legal space officially opened as a temporary facility and the first twenty people detained there normally hear them called detainees all the time in the news. They were transported there on january eleventh two thousand and two eventually over the next few years. Hundreds of prisoners from multiple countries would find themselves at all in all there have been around. Seven hundred eighty detainees held to get more at some point since it opened in currently as we record this there are thirty nine detainees still held there many of whom have never been charged for the crime. And that's remember from our last episode. That's after the nineteen nineties when haitian refugees were kept there as well as a few other. People were kept there specifically in camp x-ray we're gonna be talking about well camp x rays one of the places that we're talking about but what we're referencing right now. As part of gitmo is camp. X-ray this outdoor cage like thing and after the attacks on new york pennsylvania the pentagon in september two thousand one the bush administration bush junior by the way launched a what they call the war on terror so starting two thousand and two the guantanamo bay detention camp which is often simply referred to his get mo was constructed in several stages. It's a bit of. It's a bit misleading. Maybe for some people because guantanamo bay detention camp is part of the larger naval operation and the camp itself is actually several different camps over which of closed Some of which are more transparent than others. camp x-ray which you just mentioned matt is now closed. This was that camp with the chain link fences. This was this was. The site of the photographs sparked international outcry and prompted the us public to ask some very difficult about you. Know what what the ultimate end of this enterprise would be but there were other camps to. Yeah that's right came back. It was closed but it was replaced by camp delta which had some sub camps within at camp echo camp iguana which was another very controversial site in two thousand to this camp. Actually held children detainees. And then you had the super luxurious sounding camp platinum. But i have a feeling it wasn't as fanciest might sound. Just go stay on here. For one second you'll see videos online of subsections of camp delta referred to as like site for site five things like this you can find that specifically in a vice documentary that was made in two thousand fourteen of. That's where you may see that directly where you actually see the sign that says site five. These are references. The names can become a little bit confusing because refers to things like one through six detention areas. Right end and we'll we'll see how those divisions work. But no i agree. I suspect you're right about kemp platnum because these camps are these camps are not places you wanna live or hang out. There not created equal and they have different levels of amenities were comforts and we say amenities. We don't mean super posh stuff like jacuzzis. Obviously these detainees are housed in different areas depending upon their level of cooperation with guards and interrogators and they also clearly differ in their level of transparency until two thousand eleven the.

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