Manoah helps Blue Jays top Rays 4-2, maintain wild-card spot


I'll be no earned his seventh win in lower discreetly junior his twenty first home run of the season is to try to blue jays defeated the Tampa Bay rays forty two but now improve to three one this season against Tampa Bay by allowing two runs on five hits in six innings striking out seven but walking six I pride myself on never being in an easy push over or you know this get to this guy really helpful I'm constantly gonna fight I'm counseling it give my team a chance grill solo shot in the fifth off restarted Rasputin gives him twenty nine RBI in the month of September one shy of the franchise record set by Kelly Gruber in nineteen ninety the loss drops Tampa bay's leading the American League east to six games over Boston while the Bluejays staff half game ahead of New York for the final wild card Steve Kearney St Petersburg

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