Biden vs. Kavanaugh Sex Allegations Show Democrats' Jaw-Dropping Hypocrisy


Moore back during the brett cavanaugh. Hearings that was three years ago. It's amazing to think three years ago. Brett cavenaugh stood in front of the united states senate to be confirmed to the united states. Supreme court you remember how the media covered brett cavenaugh as an attempted rapist. You see revolutionary movements like rich versus poor poor versus rich women against men and black versus white are helpful as a means to an end to get political power. The brett cavenaugh example was a great example of how they were trying to use a moment of a movement to try to get political power but if actually ever threatened one of their own they might send andrew cuomo out to pasture but they could replace it with the democrat. They might send an al franken out to pasture but they can replace it with a democrat but if ever was sending a joe biden out to pasture which means that a republican become president. No way because power in regards to what the left values what they prioritize is much higher on the hierarchy than actually caring about believing all women play cut sixty eight and attempted rape as though yes my supreme court nominee may be. An attempted rapists is attempted. Rapes potential attempted rape attempted rape. This is charge of attempted. Attempted rape a curry that is so critical to the nomination of judge. Cavanaugh high school drunk at attempted rape and attempted rape. This is a small example of what we had to deal with three years ago. But of course. Joe biden under credible accusations of groping women who worked for him tara reid and otherwise ignore it because we need him to become president so we can control the executive branch of the government

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